Please copy and paste the questionnaire below into an email, fill it out completely and send it to me.


1. Name:

2. Address:

3. Home, Mobile, Work Phone(s):

4. Email:

5. How did you find out about us?

6. What type of home do you live in?

7. Do you rent or own?

8. If renting, please provide name, address, and phone number of landlord.

9. How long have you lived at this address?

10. What kind of floor surfaces do you have in your home?

11. Do you have a fenced yard?

12. Leashed walks?

13. Are you willing to permit a home check?

14. What type of reference materials have you read about the Great Dane?

15. Have you ever been acquainted with any Great Danes?

16. If yes to #15, please tell us your experience(s).

17. Who will be the primary caregiver?

18. Where will the puppy stay when home alone and for how many hours?

19. Where will the puppy stay when the family is home?

20. Is anyone at home during the day?

21. Where will the puppy be kept at night?

22. How many hours each day will the puppy be left home alone?

23. Will there be someone available to feed/water/exercise the puppy when you are not home?

24. How many hours per day will puppy be kept outdoors?

25. Do you plan to attend puppy training AND basic obedience classes? (canine good citizen)

26. Have you ever owned a dog before?

27. If yes #26, what breed, when, and for how long?

28. Tell us your experience(s) of the dog(s) you've owned before.

29. Do you currently have other animals (dogs, cats) in the house now? Please provide number of each, names and ages.

30. Do you have children? Please provide number of each, names and ages.

31. Does anyone in your family have allergies to dogs?

32. If yes, what are their allergies and how severe are they?

33. Do you have a preference for a male or female puppy? Are you flexible to accept a puppy of either sex?

34. On a scale of 1 to 10, (10 being the most active), how active would you say your family is?

35. Would puppy be with you during family activities?

36. What type of activity level do you expect from your puppy? High energy, laid back?

37. Are you willing to travel to pick up your puppy?

38. Are you aware of the yearly costs of maintaining a healthy dog? e.g. food, veterinary bills.

39. How long did your last pet live?

40. From #39, what were the circumstances of its death? Please explain.

41. Have you ever given away a pet? What were the circumstances?

42. Have you ever taken a pet to the pound, animal shelter, or rescue group?

43. From #42, if so, what were the circumstances?

44. Why do you want a Great Dane?

45. What aspect of a dog is most important to you?

46. How would you prevent and/or manage your dog's inappropriate (not so good) behavior?

47. Are all the members of your family aware you are acquiring a dog?

48. Do all of your family members approve and agree?

49. Who is your veterinarian? Name, address, and phone number.

50. May we contact him or her for a reference?

51. Is your veterinarian a 24-hour emergency vet also?

52. If there is an emergency, where would you take your puppy?

53. To which vet? How far away is this vet located from your home?

Please return this questionnaire by email to: